April Newsletter 2011

Happy Birthday MyAdFlix
2 Yrs Old!

We just want to thank everyone who has stuck with us over the past 2 years and continued to help us grow our site. Also, Thank you to all the new users that has joined in the past year!

2011 Accomplishments!

trophy.PNG Our first year yielded just over 2800 views, averaging only 8 Ads viewed per day.
We are now proudly sitting at a total of over 8800 ads viewed. This means our second year averaged 17 per day.


trophy.PNG According to AWstats, our first year had 71,700 HITS with approximately 1200 unique visitors. However, in our second year, these numbers have jumped to: 229,800 HITS and 2800 unique visitors.


trophy.PNG Our new YouTube style video player now has more options and controls. It also now matches to the theme colors of your page. This new player will also give us new features available soon, such as “Watermarks”, and Text Captioning….

trophy.PNG And yet our most proud accomplishment this year has been our SEO and Google placement. Currently our site is optimized to the phrase: Video Classified Ads. If you search this phrase, you will find that we are now the first or second listing on the 1st page of Google, Bing or Yahoo!!! This means we are getting your information out there.




A Letter from the Editor!

Has it been a year already! It seems just yesterday we were celebrating our 1000th view, and now we are close to knocking on 10,000 views!!!

As you can see, our past year has been a great year. We have moved from the back pages to the Front Pages with leaps and bounds. Last year also brought us our most New Accounts than ever before.

This is all GREAT, and definitely a move in the right direction. As we promised at the launch of our site, we would provide a steady and unique source of visitors, as long as our members provided useful and needed content. Now I see everyday where people are posting new videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and many other sites.

My Question is why these people are not posting on our site. The posting process is very simple and quick, we accept many common file types, and it is completely FREE.

For the whole summer of 2011, we are also giving all new ads 3 FREE upgrades. Post your ad between 04/20/2011 and 8/31/2011 and receive:

1)    Your ad will run for an additional 30 days FREE.

2)    Your ad will be upgraded to a Featured Ad FREE.

3)    Your ad will be added to our Front Page Ads FREE.

So please pass along our site to your friends, family and co-workers. Anyone who has a reason to advertise can get great result right here on MyAdFlix.

Thank you for your support, interest and dedication,

Senior Developer,
Kirk Herron

Up Coming Events


Summer 2011

Our TOOLS interface will be undergoing a complete rebuild.

This new version will bring exciting new tools allowing you to edit your videos right on our site.

No need for a video editor again! Just upload your RAW video, then make your changes right here on our site.

Once you are done, you will be able to download the final version and use your video anywhere you wish!

At "MyAdFlix" you can advertise anything!

New Features and Options

As with all websites, the only way to keep your visitors coming back is to provide an “Easy to Use” and “Useful” website with many new and exciting tools and options.

To keep up with all the other websites can be a hard and grueling task. We here at MyAdFlix first consider the usefulness of any improvement before we implement it in to our site, as we only want to provide options that are going to enhance your experience or increase your ROI. Un-useful tools and options will only clutter our site and confuse or distract our users and visitors.

You can now change your location by simply clicking on the box with your current City and State, shown in the top left on the main screen. You can also now either enter a Zip Code, or Choose the State and City.

New Video Ads announcements are now posted to the Whiteboard with a thumbnail and a Quick link to the ads information page.

Videos that are uploaded as Ads, are now stored and added to the users video profile, and are available from the Video link at the bottom of each users information box on their profile page.

Our new YouTube style video player now has more options and controls. It also now matches to the theme colors of your page. This new player will also give us new features that will be available soon, such as Watermarking, and Text Captioning, and so much more…


Check This Out

Budmans video has been viewed over 930 times. This is more than any other ad.

This video has also been shown on our Front Page over 3300 times.

This is just an example of how Front Page Ads will increase your exposure!!!

The Bug Report

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we are not receiving any reports of compatibility issues with our site. Any issues we were experiencing have been identified, and have also been corrected. We are still urging you to let us know if you experience any problems viewing or using our site.

According to our latest research and reports, it appears that our site works fine with all web browsers, however, for speed and stability, we suggest using Google Chrome.


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